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Our New Food Trailer – Connecting Communities

Bay Leaf Community Kitchen

Covid-19 brought many uncertainties for Victorians and for families in Geelong the loss of income, isolation and worsening health combined to create family crises in many instances.

Recognising the increasing need, Bay Leaf Community Kitchen responded by implementing a food relief program for distressed families. We purchased a food trailer which allows us to connect with communities and deliver food hampers.

The food trailer was purchased with a generous donation from Mrs Elaine Costa, without which our contactless delivery of meals would not have been possible and would not have had the added benefits which giving time for relationship building brings.

We received very positive and valuable feedback from the families helped via the food trailer with food hampers. Our hampers include meals, fruit and vegetables, milk, eggs, bread, dessert and some other pantry items such as pasta, jam, muesli, cream and yoghurt.


The following feedback was received from our food hamper program.

“Thank you for the amazing and beautifully tasty food! It was a very long day, and I was very tired after the procedure! My Son says that the bolognese was better than mine and the potato-bake and veggies were like medicine, especially today. But my husband says that the chocolate pudding was made with love! It’s difficult to express how special it is for us to receive such gifts at this fragile and vulnerable time; I cannot express how happy and grateful myself and family are to have received the support! Thank you all again.”

“Dear Bay Leaf, We had roast lamb tonight. It was beautiful. Best roast we have had in some time. Thank you very much.”

“I would recommend this service to anyone. You don’t feel judged; you feel more like a friend. The freshness and quality of food is not like other agencies… it’s better. Thank you for your help.”

“With the money I saved I was able to purchase warm clothing for the kids over winter and put money towards our heating bill. I paid my son’s medical bills with the savings. By not having to spend as much on food I could pay $300 of bills and buy the kids school uniforms.”

“The hamper helped me have more time and feel better as I have chronic pain and injury so less making meals is very helpful for me.”

“Receiving this hamper meant we at least had some cooked meals which meant we actually had homemade meals instead of bits and pieces and take-away.”

“I was able to help the kids more with their schooling and homework and not be stuck in the kitchen prepping dinner. There were fruit snacks too. Thanks so much!”

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